KTJ & Carly’s “Enable Me” is a sultry new direction for the exciting pop duo

Known for their vulnerable lyricism and emotional vocal intensity, KTJ & Carly don’t hold back in their new song “Enable Me.” 

Identical twins, KTJ & Carly, made their debut as a musical duo right after high school. As their career has progressed, so has the maturity and mastery of their sound. “Enable Me” is filled with luscious harmonies and a dark seductiveness that sets the tone for their upcoming EP. 

With the opening sound of a haunting dial-tone, we’re led into a sultry melody. KTJ & Carly have those blood harmonies that sisters are known for, they lead into an atmospheric beat, asserting dominance over the track. It’s a slow burn that builds into a raging fire. They know just how long to hold a pause before the chorus hits and the lead-up is divine, the release feels like you finally get to take a breath.  

As KTJ & Carly transition into more mature material, they do it with such grace. Their career started so early, and their songwriting prowess has always defined their career. The song spirals into something darker. The title itself “enable me” has so many meanings, its empowering and destructive. An enabler is someone who knows what you’re doing is wrong, but they encourage it anyways, but in this song, we feel KTJ & Carly taking hold of that and almost reversing the idea. There’s a lot of power in that idea. 

 Following the undeniably strong showing from critically acclaimed singles “Almost True,” “Otherside,” and “Holding On,” KTJ & CARLY have been rising in the indie-pop world. This year they’re scoring their first feature film God Save The Queen directed by Jordan Danger. Their debut EP Identity is due out in October. 

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