Leon of Athens releases new music video for stunning indie-pop single “Communication”

London-based Greek indie-pop star Leon of Athens has released the newest music video for his latest single “Communication.” The stunning new track sets up a distinctive world of intricate electro-pop melodies and passionate indie-pop sounds.

Co-written with David Sneddon (Lewis Capaldi, Lana Del Rey), “Communication” integrates electronic dance grooves with warped vocal harmonies that electrify the contemplative dialogue of the lyrics. By uniquely layering a variety of beats, Leon keeps a consistent pace and tempo that allows the hard-hitting falsettos to erupt beyond the outspoken vocals. The accompanying video succeeds in capturing the unrestrained premise of the track by alternating between an analog wedding video to a distorted video feed. The gentle yet captivating vocals from featured singer Katerine Duska add an invited moment of emotional composure to the grandiose swells of instrumentals.

As a producer and a songwriter, Leon masterfully weaves together intricate compositions that evoke deep, vivid imagery. Each production features a bevy of cinematic song structures, various instrumentals, and detail-rich production techniques to create a new sound that’s continuously interesting. His recently released album Xenos (EMI/Universal) is a concise and purposely thought-out piece of art that shows just why he’s becoming a playlist favorite by listeners around the world.

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