Lewis Muller shares euphoric dance-pop anthem, “Don’t Rush”

Lewis Muller is making waves in the world of pop music with his new song, “Don’t Rush.” The song brings back the fun and catchy dance-pop style we’ve missed. It’s the main track from his upcoming EP and promises to take us on an exciting musical journey with its lively beats and catchy tunes.

“Don’t Rush” shows a new side of Muller’s music. He still keeps his signature pop sound while trying out some new things. The song has great energy and a beat that makes you want to dance like you’re in a packed club.

Taking inspiration from pop legends like Britney Spears, Kylie Minogue, and Janet Jackson, ‘Don’t Rush’ is a unique blend of nostalgic 2000s pop sounds and a modern touch. Muller also adds in some ’90s house music vibes, making the song feel fresh and familiar at the same time, a combination that’s sure to intrigue listeners.

With over 10 thousand streams already, Muller is proving himself a rising pop music star. “Don’t Rush” shows off his talent and gives listeners a chance to escape into a world of feel-good music and fun.

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