Loose Fit share their punk-fuelled debut self-titled EP

Introducing themselves with the riotous debut single earlier this year, four-piece Aussie outfit Loose Fit share their debut self-titled EP. Fashion-school-friends-come-punk-masters, Loose Fit are experimental in their conquest to create sharp, noisy post-punk. Awash with heavy bass riffs and driven by Anna Langdon’s exquisite vocals, the five-track EP is an essential guide to the sound of the quartet.

With the bulshy first single “Pull The Lever”, the band suggest that life itself is one huge gamble. It’s moody sound combined with an addictive looped bass lick makes the track a solid debut. With a brash assault to the ears, albeit a well received one, “Riot” features thrashing drums and rowdy rhythms, effusing frustration and tensions. It’s clashing sounds are incredibly fun and the perfect soundtrack for relieving underlying stresses.

Infused with a interesting sax addition, “Reflux” is a concoction of sounds that creates something weirdly unique. It’s an artsy creation, and possibly the best track on Loose Fit. Whilst “Black Water” is an interesting ode to unknown anxieties that are with you at all times including “in the car park… with you in the snack aisle”. The track is a brooding addition and reaches its height when Langdon’s vocals trail off at the end, overcome by such hauntings. 

Underscored entirely with a signature bass line, the EP as a whole is a swarm of intricate musicality. Closing with the experimental “Delete”, the groovy guitar lines are an addictive feature. Punctuated with yet another sax appearance, the hybrid of sounds encapsulate the band’s confidence in creating their own, unique style.

Recording the EP in one entire weekend, Loose Fit are a band with a DIY ethos to admire. Creating a funky, punk-fuelled body of work, the band are an incredible, adventurous quartet looking to make themselves known in a genre overflowing with great tunes right now. Loose Fit is a debut that will do just that; this is an EP to truly sink your teeth into.

Loose Fit is released today via Fat Cat Records.

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