Lord Sko opens another chapter in New York hip-hop with ‘UNITED PALACE’

Washington Heights native Lord Sko continues to carve a name for himself with his revisionist take on classic New York hip-hop sounds with his latest album UNITED PALACE. His 2022 project MUSEUM helped carve out his lyrically vibrant, lush sound- while album singles like “JAMES WORTHY GOGGLES” and “FINDER’S FEE” stoked the fire with their eccentric wit and gritty production. Weaving an earnest, clever charisma into intricate verses atop a warm, soulful sound palette, Sko further defines his character-rich style with his latest full-length offering UNITED PALACE.

The eclectic flavours of the sounds from UNITED PALACE call Sko’s vibrant Uptown environment to mind- as he paints a clear picture of his surroundings and day-to-day life. His charismatic, wisecracking lyricism shines through across the record’s run-time, particularly on the coy humour of songs like the opener “HEADCRACK”, and infectious lead single “JAMES WORTHY GOGGLES”. Few references feel out of place- the Stack Bundles shout out on “JAMES WORTHY GOGGLES” is truly apt, while vivid descriptions of rooftops and food spots in New York flush out the portraiture of his city. “G.W.B. (GOOD WEED BURNING)” with Wiseboy Jeremy features an engaging back-and-forth that recalls a deep feeling of 90’s hip-hop nostalgia. While expansive drill cut “FIVEHUNNID” switches up the pace but again, feels in tune with the record’s ethos, with Sko’s fast-paced, baritone flow merging seamlessly with the hard-edged, atmospheric instrumental.

Across UNITED PALACE, Sko balances out slick bravado with a carefree, fun-loving undertone that makes many of these tracks layered, adding further dimensions. With his new record, Lord Sko has certainly brought something definitive and refreshing to the table, continuing to embody and push forward the rich tapestry of New York hip-hop.

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