Loud Forest takes us on a tropical vacation to “Costa Rica” in new single 

Loud Forest drops their intoxicating new single “Costa Rica”, giving us a much needed outlet to fantasize about all those vacations we’re missing out on. The sun-soaked track narrates the duo’s story from their very first spark to tying the knot. Emanating warm vibes both sonically and thematically, Loud Forest have concocted an infectious track, which makes you want to grab a piña colada and bask in the sun. 

Their distinct sound overflows with ethereal harmonies, cascading synthscapes and kaleidoscopic melodies. The couple deliver an uplifting, glowing essence, allowing us to feel the rays on our skin, despite being stuck in lockdown. Going on vacation is a distant memory and something we most likely won’t experience again for a while, so “Costa Rica” enables us to get as close to that sensation as possible. 

Starting out of Pasadena, California, the two take their laidback West Coast vibe to create their unique pop/rock style, adding emotive lyrics and dreamy tones, resulting in a heady and potent effect for listeners.

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