[VIDEO] Kelsey Magnuson drops nostalgic single “Faking It”

Washington-based indie singer-songwriter Kelsey Magnuson drops melancholic offering “Faking It,” a piano-led number with a nostalgic vibe to.The slow-build production is the second single to betaken from her forthcoming debut LP, Don’t Budge,  led by her gentle vocals.

Influenced by her move to Olympia from Nebraska, the soothing production comes to life with a full, orchestral feel that swells with pride and passion that Magnuson feels for her music. A song which “encapsulates a lot of the vibe for the whole album,” the track strikes a balance between vibrance and tranquillity.

The track is accompanied by a music video which admires the beauty of Kelsey’s new home, celebrating the electrifying connection she feels to her surroundings, as poetic lyrics like “I just want a day off/ And I just want a clear sky,” paint a picture of seeking freedom after taking too much on.

An impressive example of the bedroom pop-tinged intimacy that she’s set to deliver in her upcoming album, “Faking It,” leaves us anticipation the connection and memories we are going to build with Magnuson as she her music takes on a journey that’s personal yet feels like it’s all of ours.

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