[Interview] Social media sensation Irene Wong chats debut single “mmm idk” & her music making process

Chinese-American influencer, model, and singer-songwriter Irene Wong, marks a solid mark with her debut single “mmm idk,” a catchy indie-pop number that promises to captivate audiences worldwide.

 The Alabama born and raised talent who has established herself as a rising star on social media for witty content is set to draw us into her sonic world that’s framed by the simple yet effective moods of creativity and authenticity.

With plenty of love and admiration for her content that has earned her the nickname “Asian Rapunzel,” Wong hones in on her passion for music with this new chapter in her journey.

Speaking to Earmilk, Wong dives into the inspiration behind her debut single, the simple moment that makes her happiest, who inspires her and more.

What is the inspiration/message behind “mmm idk”?

“mmm idk” is very much what the title says. The song itself is about teenage relationship dilemmas, but for me it’s the dilemma of pursuing my music journey and adulting. Like you can ask a million questions about music and where I’m headed in life, and my response would probably be, mmm idk.

The song explores themes of escapism and safety, what’s a simple daily activity that makes you feel safe and happy? 

I don’t always have time so can’t call it a daily activity, but I feel like outside of music, I get away from the everyday grind and feel safe(?) and happiest when cooking.

How would you describe your artistry in 3 words? 

These questions are so hard! I try to be creative, authentic, and human.

Though this is your debut single, you’ve already established a fanbase with your TikTok content and different collaborations. What’s the best or most memorable message or reaction you’ve had from fans for your content/craft? 

Online? I have a discord where I interact with my fans, doing movie nights and Karaoke when I can. I have some super talented fans that hop on and school me on Karaoke nights which is always fun!

Who inspires you professionally and on a personal level as well? 

I’ve talked about the kids I grew up with so much now, I feel like I need to say someone else…I’m starting to dabble more in music production now, so I started looking up to artists like Kenya Grace more for professional aspirations, and on a personal level, Melanie Martinez. I watched her receive a lot of negativity and get made fun of on the voice saying she’ll never make it as an artist, but here she is with hundreds of millions of streams and fans that appreciate her quirkiness as an artist and person.

What’s the most rewarding part of your music making process and what’s the most challenging part of it? 

The recording process is definitely still the most challenging part of this for me. I get really nervous and want everything to be perfect, but it still takes some time to get there. That’s probably why though, on the flip side, it’s super rewarding when the session’s done, and we’re all stoked with the final results.

What’s on your bucket list for the future of your artistry? 

mmm idk!  I’d like to explore more genre’s still and definitely want to do more live performances in front of my fans!

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