Mae Krell shares vulnerable exploration in “too hard” [Premiere]

Mae Krell, an indie-folk artist, just released a new song, “too hard”. The song talks about the feeling of being unlovable and the difficulties of accepting oneself. It’s a beautiful song that combines emotions and music in a unique way, exploring the complexities of relationships and self-love.

He created this song during a retreat in a cabin in upstate New York while working on her debut album. She had been struggling to come up with something for the first three days. But on the fourth day, she decided to let go of all her preconceived ideas and just played simple chords and hummed melodies. This led to the organic emergence of “too hard.”

This song is a reminder that we should not limit ourselves by our own judgmental thoughts and self-doubts. We must break free from these constraints to achieve true creative freedom. The beauty of this song is a testament to the magic that unfolds when we let go of our inhibitions and embrace our true selves.

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