MAKAVELIGODD delivers ferocious number “RAMBO”

Musical enigma MAKAVELIGODD drops thunderous single “RAMBO,” carried by sharp delivery and captivating sonics built upon organic percussion, swirling synths and booming basslines.

With an anthemic undertone pushed forward by icy yet ferocious flow, the track is a seamless blend of haunting yet powerful musicality. Having establishing himself as a viral sensation, pulling people in with the mystery of faceless and nameless creative identity as well as explosive talent, MAKAVELIGODD appeals to listeners whether they’re rap lovers or not.

Always allowing his music to speak for itself and giving space for people to interpret the messages of his sonic world in their own imaginative ways, MAKAVELIGODD has surged ahead with one successful release after another and if the power of “RAMBO” is anything to go by, he doesn’t plan on slowing down any time soon.

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