Mcamp delivers a soulful banger in "Can't Watch You Fall"

A deft craftsman of soulful and lovelorn ballads, Portland-native Mcamp returns with a surprise single "Can't Watch You Fall."  Head-turningly catchy and heartfelt; the new single is everything that you want to hear from a modern pop troubadour.  

The rapidly rising profile of Mcamp has been aided by a strong run of radio-ready singles and an outpouring of blog and tastemaker acclaim.  Boasting all the natural confidence and wit of a young Justin Timberlake, Mcamp is making that music that you fell in love with in the 2000's while still keeping a fresh 2021 flavor.  "Can't Watch You Fall" carries a trademark swagger that belies his years along with some vintage crooning over a laidback drum beat.  It feels very classic and timeless, a common theme in the Portland singer's music thus far.  

Mcamp brings his unique down-to-earth music with few frills and an abundance of heart.   Very much a classic artist living in a modern world, his unique take on soul music is quickly getting noticed by fans.  Injecting an infectious and soulful energy into pop standards, his music shows signs of prodigious growth in his short but widely acclaimed career so far.  Mcamp is a mainstream-level talent sitting just below the mainstream, so don't be surprised to hear "Can't Watch You Fall" playing on major playlists and radio stations alike in the near future.  

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