Middle Part “Dial” is a call for help

NY bedroom pop meets alt rock artist Middle Part has just unveiled his latest single off of his upcoming album Disruptor. The track is called “Dial” and it is an important reminder that help can be found in times of crisis.

With “Dial”, Middle Part shares a dark time in his life when he was struggling deeply with mental health issues including paranoia, self-isolation and suicidal thoughts. The song chronicles this horrific period and the desperate call that was made to a suicid hotline to get help. Lyrics include, “I’m up to my neck on my own sh*t / give up on myself / everything I do goes south in my head / dial star / while I call out for help,” relay this personal story. Sonically, “Dial” features grunge drenched guitar riffs, thrashing synths and gut wrenching vocals. A soaring chorus full of heightened fervor shows the importance of this call for help. “Dial” is musically enticing and deeply poignant, once again catapulting Middle Part as an artist to watch.

Middle Part is artist, musician and songwriter Andy Selkōw. After finding both streaming and critical success with his 2020 single “&Cry”, the innovator has continued to gain a cult-like fanbase with his gritty bedroom bops. Middle Part has teamed up with producers Brian Zaremba and Michael Andrews for his upcoming album Disruptor in which he calls it “a depiction of insanity”, Take a listen to “Dial” now and if you or a loved one is experiencing suicidal thoughts please call the National Suicide Hotline at 988 for help.

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