Mix Master Mike shares explosive new single “TSAR BOMBA”

Legendary DJ and Grammy Award Winning artist Mix Master Mike has returned with a new single “TSAR BOMBA”. The bombastic song is off of his just released seventh full length album entitled Ready Slayer One.

“TSAR BOMBA” is a hard-hitting instrumental escape complete with buzzing electronic bass, driving drums and a soaring hook encouraging the listener to “get it”. The track thrills with its fusion of hip hop, grime and boom bap. The most dynamic part of the single is the bridge where Mix Master Mike scratches the record producing an insane melodic sound.

Inspired by the London electronic scene as well as American hip hop and even Jimi Hendrix, the two and a half minute cinematic journey that is “TSAR BOMBA” is a decadent collision that must be heard. The single is described as the “perfect preview to Mix Master Mikes’ full length LP Ready Slayer One.”

Mix Master Mike is best known as the fourth member of the Beastie Boys as well as his work with Cypress Hill. The American turntablist and producer has built a long lasting career spanning over 30 years. With no plans of slowing down, this musical icon is still exciting audiences around the world.

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