morgen drops therapeutic debut EP Unaccompanied Minor

Bedroom pop musician morgen takes us into her past littered with isolation and trauma on cathartic debut EP Unaccompanied Minor, a six-track collection that the singer-songwriter describes as “self-therapy.” Moving from ethereal ballads to 80s-influenced pop sounds, the Santa Cruz-hailing talent showcases her sonic versatility carried by her hazy, emotion-drenched vocals.

Opening with the lush synth-led “Odd One Out,” explores being unable to fit in with a heart-wrenchingly relatable showcase of morgen’s angst-ridden lyricism and husky vocal tones. Following track “Sweet 16,” once again captures the loneliness of the young singer’s teen experience within a dreamy pop soundscape, before delivering a stand-out in the form of warm, feel-good of “Sunsets in Malibu,” bringing out more clarity to her thus far woozy vocal style.

Next track “Fine By Me,” is a jazzy, groovy offering punctuated by nuances of self-confidence before falling back into the atmospheric haziness of “3D,” which makes use of pulsing beats and electro-tinged sonics for an anthemic boost before the soft ballad style of final track “Savor,” fades with lulling notes of the piano. Encompassing a journey of self-pity and uncertainty balanced against quiet moments of upliftment, morgen unravels what it means to be a teenager in the current world.

Finding a way to process her emotions and struggles through her vibrant soundscapes, 17-year-old morgen’s debut body of work is in her own words “far from perfect but closer to who I want to be,” and after years of collecting songs and crafting an artistry that’s mature yet brimming with youthfulness, this production cements her as a rising star in bedroom pop, as her passion for  sharpening her craft, begins to make itself known as her musical journey continues forward.

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