Mortal Prophets released a new album “GUITARWORKS”

Mortal Prophets‘ latest album “GUITARWORKS” is a real trip, man. Bandleader John Beckmann is channeling some serious artistic vibes here – it’s like each guitar lick is its own little painting or something. He’s clearly tapping into the ambient sounds of dudes like Aarktica, but making it his own eclectic thing.

Theres this cool circular feeling to the tracks – you don’t always know where they begin and end. It’s just this constant flow taking you through different soundscapes and moods. Makes you feel kinda connected, ya know?

The guitar playing is insane and it’s not just about skill but about expression. The tones and effects almost give the guitar this emotional resonating quality, like you can feel what Beckmann was feeling when he laid those tracks down.

By the end youre so lost in the details and grooves that you forget you’re even listening to a recording. It’s more like a living, breathing piece of art. Beckmann and the band are definitely not afraid to experiment. “GUITARWORKS” shows what’s possible when you treat music as a boundaryless creative space.

Its some far-out stuff, can’t wait to see where these dudes go next!

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