Moto Blanco and Peppermint Heaven share a disco-house edit of “Fascinating”

Returning to the world of nu-disco and reviving their remixing relationship – L.A Based synthpop duo Peppermint Heaven recruit the talent of Moto Blanco for another remix that adds to the ever growing artists catalogue. This one is an all-out, no regrets disco house anthem for summer of 2024. It’s a track that’s certain to fill the USB’s of plenty of DJ’s across Ibiza this year and showcases the sounds of both artists and what they’ve come to represent to their global audiences.

Peppermint Heaven’s unique sound and irresistible charm continue to captivate audiences, establishing them as one of the most exhilarating and groundbreaking artistic projects of the present moment. It’s their work with remixers from around the globe, in all different genres, that’s always caught our attention. Speaking on the latest remix, Peppermint Heaven share that they are “

“Thrilled to be working again with Moto Blanco.  Their remix of “Fascinating” captures the energy and exhilaration of the song perfectly.  Looking forward to great success with this one!”

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