Multi-faceted Rex & The Rhythm braves an unexpected storm in “Umbrella”

In an all new single that’s as gripping as the first raindrops of an unforeseen storm, Rex & The Rhythm, hailing from the vibrant shores of Barbados and now making waves in Los Angeles, presents his newest unveiling “Umbrella.” This artist, producer, and instrumental virtuoso weaves a narrative as compelling and complex as his own career trajectory. “Umbrella,” as Rex elucidates, delves into the sudden collapse of a seemingly sunny relationship, a poignant reminder of nature’s whims in matters of the heart.

Through a canvas painted with vigorous percussion, swirling electric guitar, and contemplative keyboard melodies that echo with unpredictability, the track envelops the listener in a whirlwind of deep emotion. With lyrics that strike hard and heavy, Rex sings, “Trust me I did not check the weather, walked right into a hurricane / I should have carried an umbrella, I wasn’t prepared for the pain.” The track then plunges into a striking cathartic revolution where the listener comes face to face with the weight of Rex’s emotions before finally letting go.

Before stepping into the spotlight as a solo artist, Rex & The Rhythm’s musical odyssey commenced with Caribbean pop sensation Cover Drive, achieving staggering success with three UK Top Ten hits and multiple platinum and silver accolades. Sharing stages with global icons like Rihanna, Kelly Clarkson, Ashanti, and Lauryn Hill, Rex is carving an impressive niche for himself. Listen to Rex & The Rhythm’s “Umbrella” for another impressive song from this artist on the rise.

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