Sebastian Voigt joins E-Missions with ‘Sequential’ EP

Berlin’s Sebastian Voigt has joined P.Leone‘s E-Missions imprint to release a killer four-track EP. The Sequential EP brings rugged cuts of techno and electro, and closes things off with a remix from Scotland’s Neil Landstrumm.

Tsugi · Tsugi Premiere : Sebastian Voigt – Sequential (Neil Landstrumm Remix)

Opener and title track, “Sequential,” is a woozy, winding bit of electro that sets the scene for the rest of the EP. Muffled vocals, a dizzying lead and the occasional eerie synth help to create an otherworldly sonic landscape; one which promises to be full of the weird and wonderful. “Polyol D9” takes things in a completely different direction, offering a relentless rave cut that was made to groove to. A thumping four-to-the-floor bassline and stabs of intense percussion contrast particularly effectively against the layers of overlapping synths to make this a peak-time slammer.

Voigt’s last track of the EP comes in the shape of an electro banger. “Organismic” kicks off with heavy breaks, bleeps and booming bass before settling into airy melodies. The euphoric edge gives the track a lighter feel despite the heftier elements, making “Organismic” an easy stand-out. The Sequential EP is rounded off in style by Landstrumm’s remix of “Sequential”. The track is altogether murkier, lairy-er, and more rave-ready than Voigt’s original mix; whilst “Sequential” was impressive enough as is, this remix takes things to another level.

Sequential can be streamed via Spotify and purchased via Beatport.

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