Nadav Sivan offers eclectic first full-length ‘Til The Day We Die’

Promising act Nadav Sivan offers up eclectic mix of genres from pop and soul to hip-hop and even classical on first full-length album Til The Day We Die.With a smooth transition that takes us from high-energy anthem to slower and emotive ballads, each track of the album brings an atmosphere and vibe of its own to life.

His ability to match punchy soundscapes with thought-provoking messages is stretched throughout the album, but is most stark on lead track “A+,” which ruminates on how despite the confidence and swagger of feeling like you’re always “an A+,” everyone deserves a break from the pressures of achieving – be in family, relationships or career.

Featuring expansive instrumentation that lead with aggressive strings and bold vocals, the track is cinematic and texture yet brimming with lush pop sensibilities.

With a passion for music that has grown bigger since childhood, Sivan’s distinct style, clear vision and important message has seen him establish himself as a rising star on his way to the top.

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