Rising Mickey Jas sings about becoming a better person “Better Me”

Rising singer-songwriter mickey jas unveils self-aware anthem “Better Me,” which sees him explore recent life changes and becoming a better person through them as layers of catchy melodies and an anthemic hook come together for an inspirational vibe.

With a minimal yet impactful chorus of “I’m a better me / I’m a better me / Can’t you see,” the track shines with jas’ soulful vocal lines that captivate us and urge us to pursue self-improvement in whatever way we can as well.

Inspired by the power he found to cut out things that don’t bring him joy, the track sees the Baltimore-hailing act thriving in every way.  The versatile production is only the latest in a short but starry career that saw mickey jas burst onto the scene just this March and already turn heads with his anthemic yet emotive musicality.

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