Naomi Cheyanne’s new single “Believe” is about finding one’s inner strength

Long Beach, CA-raised singer-songwriter Naomi Cheyanne returns to the fold with her new single “Believe” which once again showcases her genre-bending approach to music. The track which was produced by Home Music Group’s Daniel Robert has a surreal and moody texture layered over dark pads and punchy sparsely arranged drums that gel perfectly with Naomi’s lilting vocal runs. Here, the singer leads us with her emotion-laden voice as she slowly finds her inner strength to overcome the detractors with lyrics like

Believe in your mind
Take what you like
Oh look inside
When is your time
I take what is mine
Love how you like

She embodies her true self in the face of doubt and adversity and rises to the occasion like a phoenix from the ashes. The track’s length is remarkably short and stops a whole 10 seconds before the 2-minute mark but it’s still powerful enough to leave audiences yearning for more.

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