NAVA share the brooding single “Skin” [Video]

NAVA have created a moody, hypnotic track with the stunning “Skin”, the lead single from the artist’s new 4 track EP Sarabe.

With an abrasive bass line, overflowing oscillating beats and laced with future electronics, “Skin” is an exploration into darker flows. Fronted by Iranian singer Nava Golchini, the vocalist heightens the brooding melodies with her almost-spoken lyrics. Working to create a mysterious sonic tapestry, “Skin” is an atmospheric piece from the experimental quartet.

Exploring an extra terrestial love affair, NAVA explains: “I find it absurd how we are all made of skin and flesh, all human, and yet we can still bruise and scar each other through an overwhelming, surreal amount of affection, can’t think of another specie that can smother another with affection, that’s why I see it as alien.”

NAVA’s EP Sarabe is out now. Listen here.

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