Neolithic reflects on his experiences with “Thots” on new single

After years as a part of a band, Neolithic is stepping out into the world of solo hip-hop in the search for more exciting opportunities. 

Neolithic has been active in the Irish music scene for over a decade. As a member of the band Nobody’s Heroes, he has toured the entire country and played many historic venues in Ireland. Last year, Neolithic made the move to begin his solo career. Singles such as “My Darling” and “Everything About You” with Canadian singer/songwriter Elina Felice has established his solo presence in the packed out Irish hip-hop scene. 

“Thots” is another showcase moment for Neolithic. His punchy wordplay, laidback flows and overall stylish delivery and demeanour transport the listener to a world of welcoming warmth. Lyrics such as “Call the Batman cause that mans a bad man” just shows how much fun Neolithic is having on this one. His energy is infectious and his swagger is splashing all over this production. Speaking of the production, you couldn’t get more classic. The acoustic element looped up with the laid-back, classic hip-hop knock in the drum patterns lay the perfect groundwork for Neolithic to flex his lyrical muscles. This is all tied together with a simple but effective chorus that really adds the necessary catchiness and amps up the infectious nature of the track. 

Neolithic is one of the most effective rappers Ireland has ever produced. He was created from the classic blueprint and you can hear it in his vocals, wordplay and delivery. He is an exciting prospect as a solo act and having already proved himself as a member of a larger collective, the sky is the limit for Neolithic. 

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