Olivia Grace plays a risky game on “Roulette”

“Roulette” is Olivia Grace‘s haunting new song that tells the story and feeling of a risky relationship that she knows won’t end well but taking a chance anyway. 

“Roulette” begins with stark, haunting beats, as Grace’s delicate voice turns cold while the beat pulsates deeper and deeper. The weightless synths are the backbone of the song: sparse and strategic, they perfectly lead up to the tribal drums that tie down the chorus. It’s a deep trance that feels like you’re spiraling down, out-of-control, but you can still find your footing. 

The song is about an intense relationship, one where she never felt fully secure. In a press release issued for the single, she says, “It explores the emotions of trying to make something last that began with a lot of risk and limits.” The song heightens nerves and makes you feel instantly untrusting.

“Roulette” follows the release of her debut EP Army, a collection that was playlisted everywhere on Spotify, including New Music Friday and Pop Right Now.

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