Nico Tortorella calls himself out in “Done and Up” [Video]

Multifaceted talent Nico Tortorella has just unleashed his latest single with a black and white music video. Entitled “Done and Up”, the song is a highlight off of his nine track album born.

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With “Done and Up”, Nico Tortorella has written a truly transformative song all about inner growth, accountability and vulnerability. Inspired by his new role as a father and his child, the artist looks back at all the mistakes he made in his life and looks to learn from them and grow into a better person. Lyrics including, “Take a piss / I flip the script / commit to it, I go legit / I have a kid / I think a bit, this specimen takes precedent,” show just how important being a father is in his evolution. The song also includes references to moments of joy and having fun in life, making for an optimistic and important new single. Musically, “Done and Up” is a synth pop banger complete with layered effected vocals, thrilling melodies and seductive beats. Fiery synths and a creative fusion of rhythms are also hallmarks on this ear pleasing musical roller coaster. The accompanied music video shows various shots of the artist in black and white singing and performing to the music.

Nico Tortorella is a famed actor who is known for his roles in Younger and AMC’s The Walking Dead: World Beyond. While recently starring in Apple TV+’s City on Fire, Nico played the frontman of the show’s fictional band and soon discovered he had a true talent as a musician and singer. The experience inspired him to launch his own solo career and his album took flight. Entitled born., the music is inspired by his journey towards fatherhood and the birth of his daughter. Take a listen to “Done and Up” now and enjoy the ride.

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*photo credit: Bronson Farr