Nixo Fortune shares hauntingly raw and vulnerable track “Pieces”

Seattle-based emerging hip-hop artist Nixo Fortune unveils hauntingly raw and vulnerable track “Pieces,” built around an ethereal soundscape and poignant song writing to track serve as a reminder to release all emotions and energy that don’t serve us.

Coming to life as an intimate yet resonate production that weaves through vulnerability and authenticity, the track makes for a cathartic release of emotions as he processes a period of loss and introspection.

Speaking of the track, he says, “I had just lost a dear friend of mine around the time that I wrote ‘Pieces’. I was reflecting a lot, as this loss shook me and made me reassess life and put things into perspective. I really needed a release, so I was looking for beats to write to one morning until I found one that spoke to my soul, and I began spilling. About three hours later, the song was finished. I’m very proud of this track due to the space I was in and the breakthroughs I had while creating it.”

Moving from the forceful delivery and punchline-heavy verses that he has perfected as his signature, Fortune’s latest offering showcases his evolution and his desire to explore sonic versatility.

With a wide range of influences forming the basis of his diverse artistry, Nicholas Avery Fortune makes a profound impact under his musical moniker as he showcases and entices us with a different facet of his craft.

Stream “Pieces” here

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