Norway’s Jimi Somewhere releases new single “Jesus”

Jimi Somewhere is the creation of 21-year old Benjamin Schandy. Hailing from Hokksund, Norway, Benjamin managed to escape the mundane lifestyle that permeates small towns via music and art. To pass the time, he learned guitar and began making music with producer Milo Orchis, who also grew up in Hokksund. Together, the two have composed tracks with a sound and style inspired by numerous artists, including Spike Jonze, Kevin Abstract, Frank Ocean, and Odd Future to name a few. 

Though young, Jimi has developed his own sound to include elements of electro-pop and hip-hop combined with ethereal, layered vocals. He has managed to blend the sounds of his contemporaries while maintaining his own signature style. 

“Jesus” is the first single off  of Jimi’s upcoming debut LP, Nothing Gold Can Stay. The track features personal, reflective lyrics that contemplate religion and the views of the church. Jimi continually grapples with his faith, pondering whether the church is as accepting as they claim. Do they really love everyone? Do they truly bear no judgement? These questions fuel both Jimi’s frustration and introspection throughout the track. 

Sonically, this track is comprised of a wide array of styles and genres. It begins with simple guitar chords and soft, poetic vocals. This sound crescendos to become a grandiose melody with an electronic backdrop and strong drums. Kacy Hill — known for the background vocals on Travis Scott’s “90210” — provides a trippy, angelic outro. Overall, it’s a perfect mixture of calm and energetic, mirroring the variety of emotions Jimi is experiencing. 

Check out Jimi’s latest single “Jesus” linked on Soundcloud above. Also, keep an eye out for his forthcoming LP, Nothing Gold Can Stay

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