Offica steps out of the shadows on “Face Reveal”

UK drill superstar Offica has finally revealed his identity on the aptly titled “Face Reveal”.

After becoming the name in Irish drill music with tracks like “Skiddibop” and “Naruto Drillings”, the latter which featured a remix from UK superstar KSI. All of this on top of guest features on albums and mixtapes across the country and truly established the drill sound. Offica did this all while no one actually knew what he looked like. While wearing a Naruto inspired mask to conceal his identity and maintain a mystique around his aura. He is now ready to show the world who the leader of Irish drill is. 

The track itself is an evolution worthy of the title. The bars are here in abundance. Lyrically, Offica is only getting better and this song is proof of that. There is a sense of looking inward at how far he has come and he has reached a point where he has a decision to make. He is on the verge of superstardom and you can feel the paranoia setting in on this track. He questions the size of his circle, the legitimacy of his crew and the envy in his peers. Through all of this, he still remembers where’s he from and he cares about putting it on the map. 

I believe he will. I have not heard a rapper with this much superstar potential come off this island since Rejie Snow. The drill scene here is becoming the forefront of urban music and it’s about time it started getting noticed on a worldwide level. Like the drill movement in New York, all it takes is one artist to break through. Offica is the one. 

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