the Kii return with K.Zia, Siimba Selassiie and Locksmith for “Virgo”

With their Summer debut “Walk Alone” still hitting as hard as it did when it released, German production masterminds Jan Lilienthal and Michael Nowatzky, or the Kii, are back with “Virgo.” The second single off their upcoming eponymous debut, the EP is set to house five kaleidoscopic collaborations that will no doubt change their status from newcomers to a household name, and this time around they connect with not one but three vocalists, the Berlin-based future-soul songstress K.Zia, West Coast MC Locksmith and Ethiopian rapper Siimba Selassiie.

The timelessly iconic harmonies of K.Zia’s soulfully soaring tones smoothly segue into the more in-your-face melody-driven raps of Siimba Selassiie, which in turn sets up Locksmith’s more punchy storytelling; “Virgo” is a clear masterclass in vocal delivery. Three wildly unique artists with torrents of personal flair, yet the Kii’s superlative production unites them perfectly by embellishing them individually. A million miles from the more typical cookie-cutter, sample pack led approach, the duo uses their skills as multi-instrumentalists to incorporate as many organic sounds as they can, and the result is a living and breathing production filled with as much personality as the artists they collaborate with. 

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