Olive Louise’s “Special” is sonic bliss

New York indie pop singer/songwriter Olive Louise has just released her latest emotive and important new single. Called “Special”, the song follows her single release of “Swallow the Ocean” shared in July.

With “Special”, Olive Louise pens a reletable narrative all about feeling out of place, anxious and self conscious. The process of being confident and comfortable in your own skin can be difficult especially when those around you are receiving praise and you are not. Olive so brilliantly depicts this feeling, one in which many of us have dealt with. Lyrics including, “I’m a little too quiet / a little too anxious / a little too standoff / I wish someone would say / I see something so special in you / I see you struggling / I am too,” show the desire to be seen and heard. Musically, “Special” highlights ethereal piano chords under Olive’s signature intimate vocals for a beautifully tasteful and evocative musical reviere. Soft melodies and comforting rhythms complete this enjoyable listen.

Olive Louise is known for her authenticity, unique vocal tone and storied songwriting. The artist is quickly making waves with her whimsical blend of indie pop meets folk with a Victorian classical twist. Take a listen to “Special” now and remember to tell someone you care about them that they are worthy of praise.

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