Oompa is the new "LEBRON" [Video]

Rising Boston indie rapper Oompa shares the visuals for her uplifting and vibrant record titled "LEBRON." The track is a nod to the legendary NBA player Lebron James and his tenacity on the court which fuels Oompa's drive to be successful. Bolstered by the energetic bass-heavy beat provided by YAZ, Oompa embodies the spirit of a champ who defies the odds. Armed with a carefree attitude and knack for painting vivid pictures with her words, Oompa delivers dynamic performance with her low and breathy rapping. She sure is having fun with this one but her lyricism is never in doubt thanks to her early beginnings as a spoken word poet.

The visuals directed by Oompa and YAZ and edited by Colin Pagnoni go for a blend of performance shots and comedic elements. Sporting the Celtics basketball jersey, Oompa gets on the court and horses around with some other funny characters in the cut while a granny almost broke her hip trying to dance.

Oompa started her music career in 2016 and has a full-length project entitled Cleo under her belt. She is currently working on a new project scheduled for a fall release. Beyond music, she also works with the Queer, Black, and orphaned communities in different capacities. 

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