Partyat4 and Toosii deliver an authentic new single, “To Da Moon”

Partyat4‘s latest remix of his hit single “To Da Moon,” featuring Toosii, has a magnetic quality that is truly captivating. Initially from Milwaukee, this up-and-coming artist now living in Atlanta has created a summer anthem that’s uniquely his own. 

The song skillfully blends elements of rap and rhythmic cadences, with Partyat4’s touch of authenticity shining through in each carefully curated beat. Toosii’s collaboration adds a fresh burst of energy to the already captivating tune, taking it to new heights. 

Partyat4’s Midwest and Southern musical background is evident in the track, which exudes an endearing authenticity. His Renaissance Man persona is showcased through the intricate production, highlighting his diverse skill set in music, visual art, and even culinary arts.

This remix showcases Partyat4’s talent and confirms that he is a creative force with a bright future. The catchy chorus of Partyat4’s song “To Da Moon” grabs the listener’s attention and draws them into his story. The song pays tribute to his early supporters, known as the “Day Ones,” who believed in his diverse creativity. “To Da Moon” is a popular hit and a vehicle that Partyat4 pilots towards stardom. Its infectious beat and inspiring lyrics are sure to dominate playlists this summer.

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