Plug into PuffHost’s “Low Power Mode” [Video]

Alternative hip hop duo PuffHost, comprised of Ethan Rose and Myke Wilken, is at it again with another blapadocious, high-concept single. “Low Power Mode,” accompanied by visuals from Oscar-nominated director Ishan Shukla, may be PuffHost’s most poignant track yet, tapping into the loneliness and toxicity of our screen-filled reality.

Similar to PuffHost’s other tracks, the familiar ingredients of a bangin’ chorus, relatable lyrics, and top-notch production are all baked into “Lower Power Mode.” Anchored by a hypnotic melody and some killer synth work, both Rose and Wilken combine their rapping/singing abilities to effectively characterize the “low power mode” melancholy that’s reduced most of us to one-percent computing power.

“Schirkoa,” the short film that “Low Power Mode” soundtracks, and the first Indian animated short to ever qualify for the Oscars, only adds to the song’s relevancy. The bag-headed characters exude a comparable sense of detachment that isn’t much different from wearing a mask over your mouth.

If you need to get out of the red and into the green, “Low Power Mode” has the juice. Plug in.

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