Phora “Promises” to touch our hearts [Video]

Phora dropped an alluring new and touching visual called “Promises,” and, this artist’s way of words leaves us in awe of his music.
Phora is widely known for his emotional and vulnerable music. In “Fake Smiles 2,” a single released earlier this summer, he raps about the everyday pain that he feels and that is present everywhere in society. Being courageous and strong enough to address these issues, like in “Fake Smiles 2,” Phora possesses this unique ability to make us else feel less alone even though the price is often at his own expense. Although different from Phora’s current single “Promises,” there is one similar underlying theme in these two tracks: being unafraid to express his emotions. 
This time, “Promises” shows a different kind of vulnerability. Being about love and relationships, we witness a fun-loving of Phora. Directed by 6th Element, the animation and the colors throughout this visual show the pretty side of love and getting intimate. Hence, the sunflowers are metaphorical for the light and the happiness that this particular relationship brings. Through the deep lyrics, Phora spills his raw emotions as he takes us through the phases of a relationship, entering the highs and the lows while the visuals pleasantly change. Poetically rapping, his ability to make us feel something powerful is unmatched. The fun beats and his sweet vocals make this track light-hearted, showing us how we are all children at heart, just searching for someone who makes us feel safe. Press play and listen to this track. Just don’t forget to open your hearts and let the love flow through. 
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