Pop Stunna takes us back to his ‘Youth’ on new album

Pop Stunna has shared a fresh new album called Youth. This hip-hop artist from Austin, TX has been carving a lane with his high-energy raps and melodic beats, with a focus on both pop culture and realities he witnesses around him. Born in Nigeria, Pop Stunna moved to the United States as a teenager and quickly fell in love with hip-hop culture. With a refreshing blend of infectious trap beats, sharp bars, and infectious hooks, he comes through with a potent release in Youth.

Youth bristles with an engaging, vibrant energy that reflects the vitality in Stunna’s songwriting, as he tackles a set of versatile beats with gymnastic flows laced with melodically-tinged inflections. Songs like the title-track “Youth” put this on centre stage as he pieces together rapid, adrenaline-fuelled flows atop synth-laden, raw production. Pounding drums fill the record with life on songs such as “Roccsta 2.0” and “Budget”, tracks that contain heavy, exciting rhythm sections that create booming backdrops for Stunna’s energetic vocals.

Youth is a story of a man who lived through his youth but didn’t understand it until he became an adult. The album explores multiple aspects of the human psyche, from mental health and love, to drive and validation-seeking, all while showcasing Pop Stunna’s energizing bars and memorable melodies.

The creative process for the artwork involved Pop Stunna traveling back to Nigeria, where he was pictured with a yellow bus that he used to take to school as a child. This imagery represents the theme of the album, which is understanding the consciousness of his youth as an adult. It was not until the album was partially completed that Pop decided upon this theme, and the song “Youth” was born from this realization, later inspiring the theme for the entire project.

The latest from Pop Stunna, Youth paints a clear picture of his mind state and draws the listener deeply into its atmosphere and sound in the process.

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