Professor Green and FiFTH remind us that there’s “Nothing Before It’s Time” [Video]

London, UK emcee Professor Green is back with a brand new release titled “Nothing Before Its Time”. The reflective track sees him teaming up with Fifth and producer XVX, together they deliver this heartfelt and introspective piece filled with pure emotions from Green’s deepest core. Bolstered by the solemn piano keys, sublime vocal samples and punchy drums, Green digs deep to share his most intimate thoughts and give a heartwrenching tale of sadness, personal loss and depression that overcame him after the demise of his great Nan. Lyrics like “What are you lying for, ain’t worth living for if it ain’t worth dying for/Lately I keep having dejavu, its as if I’ve lived this life before/As far as crying, I thought the river had run dry but I found myself crying more” sees the rapper trying to bottle up the pent up emotions but overtime he had to let it out to keep balance.

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“Nothing Before It’s Time” follows Professor Green’s “POP SHXT” ft. K Koke and “Do Ya” ft. INFAMOUSIZAK and Poté and is the third cut to be released from his upcoming EP, POP SHXT, out September 29th.

You can pre-order Professor Green’s upcoming EP POPSHXT now, here.

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