Elita offers nostalgic and haunting debut album ‘Dysania’

LA-based musician Elita drops nostalgic yet modern debut album Dysania, spanning themes of themes of narcissism, mental health issues, sexist norms and resisting intrusive thoughts within a luscious soundscape. With a hypnotic dystopian feel that backdrops the villain story of a femme fatale, the album manages to get deep and gritty without taking itself too seriously in a perfect showcase of sonic balance.

Rooted in a lo-fi ambience and her haunting vocals that stretches through the collection, the album unveils Elita’s diverse musicality, weaving seamlessly through a maze of experimental elements including videogame core.

From focus track “Serial Killer,” to previous releases “Mentally Not Here,” “Sleep Paralysis,” and “She Bangs Like a Fairy On Acid,” the project matches quirky and eclectic sonics to poignant lyrical themes that move from fantasy-laden exploration of forest fairies to the darkness of death and depression with an easy but intricate flourish.

Having found solace in music growing up in the isolated Canadian town of Newfoundland, Elita has developed an alluring artistry dripping with vulnerability and sinister touches to cement her place in the indie/alternative scene.

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