Queen Cult is fierce but emotive on four-track EP ‘For Now, Not Forever’

Cheshire rock four-piece Queen Cult drops fierce but emotive four-track EP For Now, Not Forever, documenting personal challenges within the band’s alt-rock sound. Showcasing the band’s journey through struggles to emerge stronger, the EP is an empowering listening that leaves us feeling energised.

Opening with the visceral and anthemic style of “Lollipop,” which delves into the impact our actions can have on someone, emotions of frustration and rage stretch into following track “Better Believe It,” that envisions us taking the high road when confronted with people’s unasked opinions.

Written for a friend, “It Matters To Me,” is crafted to be a powerful number that makes us feel like we’re not alone in problems and that we’ve got someone to endure hardships with. Final track “Anxious Delight,” offsets the ferocity of the tracks so far with a gentler and more haunting instrumentation that leaves us wanting more in the final echoing notes.

Part of UK’s rapidly growing femme-led, LGBTQ+ alternative live music scene, Queen Cult returned from a pandemic-imposed hiatus with a refined sonic palette that sets them up for bigger and better things in their journey ahead.

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