Quelle Rox Sacrifices BPM’s for Heartbreak on New Single “dance on tables”

Soft, but beaming with the loudest display of character is the latest track from New York based singer/ songwriter Quelle Rox. Her first song of the year is also the first cut off her upcoming EP.

“Dance on tables” is the first cut-off of Rox’s upcoming, highly anticipated EP, swimming in blue, set to release later this year and sways a different direction from Rox’s previous projects, for the better.

While her last two singles “vomittt” and “midnight train” saw a much more electronic, fast-paced tempo direction for the singer, “dance on tables” sacrifices BPM’s for luscious vocals over something more dreamy than ecstatic.

It’s a great move taking in dream pop influences while showcasing Rox’s knack for vulnerable lyrics reminiscing on heartbreaks and manic episodes.

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