viisi rides like the wind in new single “i left my hometown”

viisi is an artist who remains unrestricted by the limits of genre. To secure his identity as a musician of his own making, viisi left his home turf and moved to a new place to kickstart his story as a musician. His new single “i left my hometown” is a supercharged, rebellious anthem about switching lanes toward a new path.

“i left my hometown” hits the gas pedal with magnetic beats, sharp and enticing riffs, and stark vocals that grab your attention. viisi sings, “I left that whole crowd / Live in these hotels / Why won’t you come with me baby?/ Your mama I won’t tell.” Written about the allure of a new city full of endless opportunities, viisi aims his ambitions high with this track. There’s an evident amount of restlessness in the sonics that draw to mind emotions of craving something more. For the dreamers who just can’t sit still, “i left my hometown” gives us a dose of inspiration to chase down our fantasies.

viisi has worked with a plethora of artists including Chelsea Collins and Kayla DiVenere. “i left my hometown” tells the story of his departure from his hometown into a new place to pursue music. Take a listen to “i left my hometown” here and let it catapult you to new beginnings.

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