R E L’s “Intuition” is an important and thought provoking narrative [Video]

Los Angeles based singer/songwriter and creative R E L has unveiled her music video for her newly released single “Intuition”. The track is an important highlight in the budding artist’s career and follows her single releases “Say What You Want” and “Oseh Shalom”.

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With “Intuition” R E L pens a song all about her own recovery and healing from the desensitized, overstimulated and cruel culture many of us grow up in, in the west. Validation, seeking approval and always wanting more in life whether it be money, material things or social media followers has made many of us lose our own selves and our own authenticity. “Intuition” discusses this peril and R E L has a tremendous ability to showcase this hurt, pain as well as healing in her latest song and video. Lyrics including, “Intuition knowing yourself is such a powerful thing / this is unbearable,” show the intense struggle. Sonically, the track features melancholic rich beats under R E L’s impassioned vocals where she sings both delicately as well as ferociously mirroring the heightened emotions of the song’s narrative. Elements of dark pop, moody soul and bedroom rock entice the listener with every note. In the music video, R E L is a pierrot which is a metaphor for the masks and facades we often wear in life. The video ends with her shedding the mask and being her true and authentic self.

R E L is the musical project of Arielle Sitrick who is known for her own blend of music called EVOCAPOP. Her releases have received millions of streams and her talents as a singer and songwriter are boundless. Check out “Intuition’ now and remember to live your truth.

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