Dragon Fli Empire look beyond their continued progress of existence on the reflective “Overtime”

Dragon Fli Empire‘s new single “Overtime” is a smooth, boom-bap, drum-driven record that cements the duo’s longstanding contributions to Canadian hip-hop. With 20 years worth of material behind them, the duo of emcee Teekay and DJ Cosm still feel they have a lot to accomplish and definitely not trying to live off past glories.

Deeply entrenched in the essence of the vintage 90s sound, “Overtime” explores how they bridge the past with the present while looking towards the future. DJ Cosm cooks up a nice nostalgia-inducing beat rife with lush strings, head-nodding drums and ethereal horns reminiscent of Pete Rock while Teekay takes the listener down memory lane and back with his laid back flow and witty lyrics. He sums the tandem affair with his producer with lines like, “…Same chemistry, DJ to Emcee / Another level, Johnny Mnemonic type telepathy…” which helps frame the duo’s stance in the mind of the listener. The title does have a couple of meanings with the obvious one showcasing their workhorse nature as they push beyond overtime. The other deals with self-awareness in the duo’s mindset as they embrace being classified as old school, but to them, that boom-bap sound is timeless. “Overtime” is the lead track taken from Dragon Fli Empire’s comeback project since its first album since 2013.

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