R&B musician Dupé offers a tale of heartbreak and hope on debut single "Now I'm Done" [Video]

Rising R&B musician Dupé showcases a stellar combination of melodic vocals and soulful sonics on her ethereal debut single “Now I’m Done,” which delves into the journey of letting go after a difficult breakup. Backed with a sleek music video, from director Kiaren Harriott from X.ANIMA, the accompanying visuals envision Dupe’s empowerment in the hazy crossover between her past and present, the track taps into the nook between passionate love and sudden heartbreak with plenty of empathy and warmth.

With bittersweet lyricism taking us through an intimate tale of heartache, Dupe infuses positivity and hope into each note of her lush pop-tinged R&B sound. Mirroring the ups and downs of the relationships in the track, produced by Fangio Pembe, is the promising talent’s inspiring journey in life which has seen her overcome familial toxicity and the instability of foster care to emerge stronger.

Holding music close to her heart as comfort, power and purpose in life, the Nigerian-born, London-raised musician finds peace as she lets the past rest in preparation for a brighter future. Armed with her husky vocals and layered soundscape, her soothing yet strong debut track becomes a symbol of her relentless pursuit of her musical dreams.

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