RedrumSociety share poignant new single “Run From The Law”

Los Angeles based RedrumSociety create ferocious and memorable rock n’ roll music. Their latest single is the highly autobiographical gritty blues rock tune “Run From The Law”. The track is the first of the year from the prolific band following the release of “Coldness Of A Woman” shared last summer.

With “Run From The Law”, RedrumSociety examine the theme of karma and consequence and how making bad life decisions affect those we love. Written by lead singer and songwriter Zach Cohen, “Run From The Law” was originally penned over 10 years ago when his former bandmate was arrested for selling drugs, fleeing from law enforcement and violating his parole. The song though also takes on a universal meaning of reflecting on mistakes made and how avoidance can make things worse. Lyrics including, “tired of this life I live / all my friends are dead or gone / run from the law again / got a lot of problems,” show just how detrimental bad decisions can be. Musically, “Run From The Law” features dirty garage rock lics, fuzzy basslines and layered infectious melodies. An anthemic mix of blues, rock and pop make “Run From The Law” a standout outlaw musical explosion.

RedrumSociety was formed back in 2009 in South Florida. Through the years the band took on many alterations with the musical collective now being headed by co-founder and original member Zach Cohen. After a period of abstinence the band has returned and has even charted on the Billboard Rock Charts in 2021 with their single “All Night”. Take a listen to “Run From The Law” now and remember to make good choices.

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