Revenge Wife wants you to be her “Boyfriend”

No one is making music like Revenge Wife, and she’s back with another perfect pop song. “Boyfriend,” is filled with the contagious energy that Revenge Wife emulates.

Revenge Wife has been laying the groundwork for each song; she’s so purposeful with each release, and “Boyfriend” needed a big set-up. “Boyfriend is such a big pop song, so I wanted to wait until people were a little familiar with my project before I put it in the world,” she explains, “It feels like one of those songs that you should scream with your friends, and I wanted it to have the best chance of that.”

Dreamy synths and her angelic voice set the scene; Revenge Wife knows how to create worlds with her music. “Say you need my love, say it all the time,” she proclaims, dipping between the vulnerability in her voice and the almost demanding nature of the lyrics. She’s clear and concise, with the production adding gorgeous sonic embellishments adding to the ethereal nature of the song. She says, “I wish I could say that it’s sarcastic or I was keeping my cool when I wrote it, but the truth is I’m a romantic at heart. I love love! There are so many emotions mixed up in longing, and I think lyrically it’s very present in this song.”

Revenge Wife is the new project of Liz Nistico. Following an eight-year sting with HOLYCHILD, Nistico continues to push her music in new directions leading with authenticity and her knack for writing personal songs with an edge and her dynamic live shows. Her sound is always evolving, and as she continues to grow, she continues to push the boundaries of pop. Her debut album as Revenge Wife, is due out in November!

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