KEHLI shares uplifting holiday single “This Christmas”

Dublin-hailing vocalist and performer KEHLI caps off a successful year with uplifting holiday single “This Christmas,” which blends her progressive pop sensibilities with a yuletide twist. A song about love and missing loved ones at Christmas, the tender production shines a light on her enchanting vocals that settle upon bright and cheery sonics.

The thoughtful offering captures the heartfelt idea that nothing can compare to having your loved ones around you during the holidays. Emotive yet filled with the lightness of being surrounded by love, the soulful track continues to showcase the captivating contemporary pop musicality that KEHLI has honed over the years.

Having begun her musical journey aged five, KEHLI’s unwavering passion and consistent evolution has seen her achieve many early career milestones and build a loyal fanbase as her soulful artistryestablishes her as a promising pop act.

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