Rex & The Rhythm celebrates his journey and craft in “Highs & Grows” [Video]

Rex & The Rhythm is a multi-instrumentalist, producer, and singer-songwriter who has been making music since his childhood. His new single “Highs & Grows” is a blissfully optimistic reverie on accepting his past while ushering in an abundant future. Rex & The Rhythm embraces every part of his story in the song, as each obstacle has brought him closer to his fullest potential.

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“Highs & Grows” features magnetically melodic riffs, groove-laced undercurrents of bass, and enchanting harmonies that speak to the soul. Rex sings, “Can’t keep me down, I shine like I’m gold / Can’t tune me out, my sound is too bold.” The music video for “Highs & Grows” is a tribute to Outkast‘s iconic “Hey Ya!” Directed by DannyJFilms, the video profiles Rex as he plays each instrument to mimic the effect of a one man band. “Highs & Grows” is a powerfully personal, infectiously abstract musing on the nature of growth as Rex & The Rhythm finds his voice.

Rex & The Rhythm recently opened for Ashanti at The Hennessy Artistry festival in his home country of Barbados. At the young age of nine, Rex found his passion for music and by fifteen, he joined his first band as a member of the Carib-pop group Cover Drive. Cover Drive saw a #1 UK charting hit, multi-platinum and silver singles, and opened for the likes of Rihanna, Kelly Clarkson, and Lauryn Hill to name a few. Check out Rex & The Rhythm’s “Highs & Grows” for a unique and inspiring watch.

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