Luxley lays it “All On The Line” on latest single

Creative progression as an artist has always been a challenging topic for many artists as it can risk alienating their current audience. In the case of New Orleans based electronic music producer Ryan Gray or Luxley, he is truly defined by his ever-evolving sound, which leaves his ever-expanding audience dutifully on the edge of their seat.

A fascinating source of inspiration for his music is his experience with chromesthesia, which allows him to see sound in color. His latest, “All On The Line,” is represented by the color silver, with Gray outlining in the email press release that, “Silver is believed to be a mirror to the soul, helping us to see ourselves as others see us. It represents stability in both power and spiritual energy.”

A departure from the avant-garde pop of 2019’s “Can’t Fool Me,” “All On The Line” maintains his distinct sonic character while exploring the potential of his already broad sound. Essentially in two movements, the first half establishes a fast-paced, frenetic energy that revels in its luscious atmosphere. Just as you’re accustomed to it, his unpredictable nature strikes again as the track unfurls into future bass anthemia without skipping a beat.

If it wasn’t clear already, expect the unexpected from this inspired producer.

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