Roskamala’s “Beautiful Disease ft Ivy Marie” is dark pop bliss [Video]

Thai creator, songwriter, producer and director Roskamala has just shared the latest video for her emotional single “Beautiful Disease” which features singer Ivy Marie. The song is off of her highly acclaimed newly released debut EP called truth she told.

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With “Beautiful Disease”, Roskamala explores the reality that too much of anything can be toxic. The song also examines how often people idealize relationships and love and how a lack of forgiveness, personal accountability and self love can lead to disastrous relationships. Lyrics including, “in the dark / I want you to drug me / when there’s no sound / I want you to fill me up / when you love me / I want you to love me more,” show just how addiction to another and too much reliance on a significant other can be suffocating and unhealthy. Musically, “Beautiful Disease” features yearning and seductive melodies full of emotion and intensity. Melancholia-rich guitars and slow-burned piano chords set the stage for a dark pop single that is enticing with every note. In the accompanying visuals, Roskamala is seen serving dinner to a fake family for a nightmare type of scenario mirroring the song’s dark warning.

Roskamala is known for her dynamic and thrilling songwriting that touches upon raw and important subjects including obsession, depression, addiction, hope, love and self awareness. The multi-faceted and talented artist has impressed with her debut EP, a unique sonic fusion of rock, pop, electronic and adult contemporary sounds. Each song on the EP features an enthralling music video, with a unique and poignant story to boot. Check out “Beautiful Disease” now and remember obsession is not true love.

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