Ryan Nealon delves into embracing emotions on coming-of-age anthem, “Grow Up”

Los Angeles musician Ryan Nealon drops coming-of-age anthem, “Grow Up,” giving us a glimpse into a childhood of being told that his feeling weren’t real. Coming straight from the heart, the personal offering is carried by his soft vocals over a rich guitar-tinged pop soundscape.

Drawn from his experience as “a bubbly queer kid” who was never given the chance to process and embrace his emotions, the track captures a heartfelt journey through growing pains and mental health as it offers much-needed validation to anyone who needs it. With an honest approach to songwriting that sees him weave vibrant musical tales, “Grow Up”  brims with fragility as it unpacks the relatable pain of being forced into a box you don’t fit into.

With a heartfelt musical style reminiscent of Ben Rector and Ed Sheeran, the up-and-coming singer-songwriter who is also a passionate advocate for mental health leads us into life with an impressive openness brought out by his simple yet powerful songwriting; an enticing glimpse of the artistry that awaits us on his upcoming debut album.

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